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Why HYBRIDS? Because Humans are animals. Efforts to tease out what sets us apart from -- and makes us superior to -- other species are a total waste of time. They mostly demonstrate how little we actually know about the other beings we live with. Written language and tools are handy, but they're just what we do. Other animals have highly sophisticated forms of communication and can do things we can't even contemplate without machines.

What gave the word "animal" a bad name was that it became a scapegoat term for our own dark side rather than a neutral word. I am proud to be an animal. In light of that, consider my HYBRIDS. Try to avoid assuming anything and take a careful look. They are not illustrations of old myths...they are the embodiment of new ones.

Be a Good Human.

Hybrid01MEDIUM/H1C0Detail.jpg Hybrid02MEDIUM/H2C0Detail.jpg Hybrid03MEDIUM/H3C0Detail.jpg Hybrid04MEDIUM/H4C0Detail.jpg Hybrid05MEDIUM/H5C0_Zoom-2_SQUARE.jpg

BighornMedium/BighornHTR_MEDIUM.jpg AlligatorMedium/AlligatorHTR_MEDIUM.jpg WarthogMedium/WarthogHTR_MEDIUM.jpg RavenMedium/RavenHTR_MEDIUM.jpg

SacramentalLarge/sactofront.jpg AdamsDreamLarge/adfront.jpg MrOlympiaMedalLarge/adfront.jpg

(Read BRONZE 101 for an illustrated description of the casting process.)

You won't find my HYBRIDS in Bulfinch's Mythology because I'm not hashing over old myths; I'm creating new ones.